Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What About my Parked Domains?--ask-the-lawyer.com

I wanted to go through the type of parking statistics that I have gotten from my domains. I started buying domains through private auction after taking a month training course through Domain Profiteer. I also had access to information about domains such as how many links they have from other sites, the page ranking they have been getting, whether they are listed with DMOZ (I have since tried to list some sites, but DMOZ seems to be out-of-order). So, I took all of the information and analyzed it, giving certain things like “write in traffic” a higher weight than others. Then I decided which domains to buy based on the score they received in the analysis I created.

My first domain was www.ask-the-lawyer.com that I bought in a private auction uncontested for $60. It scored 45% in my analysis. I parked it with Sedo on November 28th and in two days I made $0.52. In December I made $22.68. Then something happened and my profit dropped. My page views where cut in half, but my profits lowered dramatically. I made $0.62 in January and $0.39 so far in February.

Really, looking back at the stats for www.ask-the-lawyer.com, it doesn’t look like such a good domain. It only had page rank of 1 from Google and 77 links to it from other sites. It must have been receiving good search traffic that was lost when Google discovered that the domain was parked. The archived pages for http://www.ask-the-lawyer.com/ looks great and the name says exactly what the site did.

Overall the site has made $23.69 total, a 39.5% ROI. A high ROI like that not easy to find in Real Estate and I would consider this site a success. Because of the sudden unexplained loss of revenue the next question is whether or not to develop the site to increase search traffic and get revenues up through another means such as AdSense. Or should I let the site sit and wait? The domain still is getting good traffic every month for doing nothing; maybe it is time to resell it.

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