Wednesday, February 28, 2007

$538.50 Worth of Traffic for Under $200

Another Domain that I bought on the domain aftermarket is I spent a little bit more than the minimum $60 after-market private auction price, but less than $200.

Little did I know that the site was built around the Suzuki GS series motorcycle. I went ahead and parked it in December. The first month the site did $16.25, the second $9.97 and now in the third month the site did $11.65.

What is amazing is the amount of traffic that the site receives! In the 2 and a half months that the site was parked, it received 1795 page visits! Now if I was buying traffic at $0.10 per click (very cheap and probably not very well targeted) it would have cost me $179!!! That is more than I paid for the site.

I dug a little deeper… I searched for Suzuki motorcycle on Google AdWords. I don’t have the exact price, but the advertiser competition bar is completely green meaning that there are a lot of people using that keyword and the price is probably higher than 10 cents.

If the keyword price is $0.30, a very normal price, then the value of traffic I have received on the site in 2 and a half months is $538.50!

Already with the revenue I have been making from parking I should get back my investment, plus some this year. It looks like an ROI of 114% as long as the parking revenue stays up. So far February was better than January. If you take a look at the site it well targeted with Suzuki related ads. I am curious to see how March goes.

If this continues, next year I will have an ROI of 2029% because I will only have to pay $8.99 to keep the domain.

Learn how I found this profitable domain.

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