Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Domain Parking Increasing in Revenue

In April I really didn't do anything in domain investing or blog posting. I've been busy working on a few joint ventures.

Yesterday, I took a look at my stats for the 40 odd domains that I have parked with Sedo.com and my profits went up 37.45%! Amazing! There really are 2-3 domains that are really pushing my income and making the most amount of money.

In February I made $22.29 total for my domains.
That went up to $36.73 in March.
In April (my month of doing nothing) I made $50.80!

That is more than $1 per domain and with each domain being about $9/year it isn't a bad investment.

Now it is just to multiply the domains I have to bring in even more money.

Is anyone selling used domains?

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