Monday, January 8, 2007

Drive More Traffic To Your Site With Expired Domains

The key to successful internet marketing is getting traffic. If you want to succeed on the internet you need high quality traffic to your website. No matter if you are generating leads, selling a product, or producing revenue using Adsense, the more traffic you get (and the higher quality it is) the more money that you will be able to make.

There are many techniques to getting more traffic, many of which involve a lot of time and energy. However there is one source of low-cost, high-quality traffic that is often overlooked and under utilized—expired domains.

Everyday thousands of domains expire. Their owners often to do not renew because they have lost interest, don’t have the time to manage their site, or they simply forget that their domain will expire. Of course, 98% of these domains are completely worthless and receive little to no traffic. But around 2% receive an abundance of high quality traffic. These domains have been developed, have high quality links, have Google page rank, have Alexa page rank, and some have already been listed with Yahoo or with DMOZ. The most prized of all domains have write-in traffic, or Overture ranking. Each day Overture keeps track of people who type “” into the Yahoo search bar. This number is called the Overture ranking and is a true indicator of how much traffic that domain receives.

How can forward thinking entrepreneurs find high quality domains that will deliver more and better traffic?

Because of the high amount of expiring domains, finding high quality domains can be a little bit tricky. A good website is Domain Profiteer. This program combs the internet to find all of the expiring domains before they expire. Then you have the option to purchase them in a private auction before the domains are available to the public. Relevant information about the domain, such as the links the domain has from other websites, the amount of write-in traffic it receives, and its Google and Alexa page rank, is also included so that you can determine if a domain is valuable or not. With Domain Profiteer you can get insider access to which domains are expiring within the next few days and filter out the 98% that are not worth your money.

Another option is to take a look at domains that are already up for public auction. GoDaddy has a great auction house where the monthly traffic is already estimated. You can already see what kind of traffic you can expect to receive with this domain. Just beware, some savvy marketers might try to pad the traffic a domain receives before an auction to increase the selling price.

Purchasing expired domains to generate traffic is a top-notch investment. The #1 reason more people don’t take advantage of expired domains is because it is incredibly challenging to sort through the domains that expire to find the ones with value. With help from Domain Profiteer and GoDaddy, you can sort and find the valuable domains and leverage them to deliver more traffic. More traffic will ensure and increase your internet marketing success.

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